Don’t Mess With Zoning

Richard M. Daley’s Zoning Committee predictably followed Richard M. Daley’s Plan Commission in voting to support Richard M. Daley’s Children’s Museum’s proposed move to Richard M. Daley’s Grant Park, in a prelude to Richard M. Daley’s City Council giving full approval next Wednesday, which from now on will be referred to as Richard M. Daley’s Wednesday, according to a new ordinance issued from the office of Richard M. Daley.

Voting in favor of the museum’s move:

* Ed Burke (D-Daley), who must always live with the fact that he’ll never be anything more than Richard M. Daley’s Finance Commitee Chairman.

* Margaret Laurino (D-Daley), a legacy.

* Berny Stone (D-Daley), who also served the real Daley, became a Republican for a time, ran for mayor twice, and opposed his son’s run for alderman against primo hack Ted Matlak.

* Ray Suarez (D-Daley), who came up through Streets and San and who unfortunately isn’t the same guy as that NPR dude.

* Latasha Thomas (D-Daley), a Terry Peterson (D-Daley) protege.

And, natch . . .

* Bill Banks (D-Daley), patriarch of the First Family of Chicago Zoning with a killer ride.

Two committee members were present but conveniently missed the vote because they were, um, not in the council chambers (D-Daley) when the tally was taken:

* Ike Carothers (D-Daley), who might have been too tired to vote after all that heavy lifting he does for his boss.

* Tom Allen (D-Daley), yet another mayoral appointee who recently made a failed run to lead the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (D-Daley), where he could fail to show up for his job in peace.

Not attending:

* Carrie Austin (D-Daley), who must have been out at the store buying new rubber stamps.

* Frank Olivo (D-Daley, Madigan), co-founder of the “Graffeti Removal Program” who is not be confused with Frank Avila.

* Gene Schulter (D-Daley), who was too busy reading through constituent responses to his museum query to actually make the vote.

Voting against the museum:

* Rey Colon, Vi Daley and Ed Smith.

And let’s face it: Daley owns them too.


2 responses to “Don’t Mess With Zoning

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    I wonder how many outside lawyers the city will hire to defend itself in the inevitable lawsuit to stop this rape & pillaging of Grant Park?
    Maybe Daley doesn’t care about where the museum goes, he just owes some well connected shysters a huge favor & giving them the job of defending an indefensible zoning change & violation of the Lakefront Protection Law & the concept of “Forever, open free & clear” will generate enormous billings from the taxpaying suckers.
    It will certainly go to the Ill. Supreme Court & the opponents will definitely attempt to make a federal case out of it!
    I smell the meat a cookin’!

  2. Margaret Laurino (D-Daley), Daley appointee (1994)

    Latasha Thomas (D-Daley), Daley appointee (2000)

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