BREAKING: Rezko Verdict Reached

3 P.M.: It will be read at 3:45 p.m. today. Stay here for witty updates!

3:21 P.M.: Rod Blagojevich right now is . . .

A) Hiding under a desk in his home office.
B) Out for a jog.
C) In San Diego for the Cubs game.
D) Preparing two press releases that both say the same thing: We don’t do business that way.

3:29 P.M.: The magic surface scratch remover! (CLTV commercial)

3:31 P.M.: CLTV’s Carlos Hernandez Gomez reporting live over the phone from the Dirksen Federal Building: It’s a madhouse! (Not his words, but that’s what he means.)

3:35 P.M.: CLTV reports that Blagojevich will make a statement after the verdict is announced.

3:37 P.M.: Around the local dial: Judge Judy on Channel 2; Ellen on Channel 5; Jeopardy! on Channel 7; What I Like About You on Channel 9; Divorce Court on Fox.

3:41 P.M.: This Better Sex site is pretty good.

3:45 P.M.: They’re late.

3:46 P.M.: Apparently now it’s going to be closer to 4.

3:47 P.M.: Rezko has just arrived at the courthouse.

3:48 P.M.: Snor-Enz: The name says it all! (Sticking with CLTV)

3:53 P.M.: AP reports Rezko has been convicted on some counts; Judge Amy St. Eve is reading the verdict right now.

3:56 P.M.: Mixed verdict; still don’t know which counts. Guilty on half or more, according to Tribune political editor Jim Webb.

3:58 P.M.: CLTV crawl: AP reporting Rezko was found guilty on 16 of 24 counts.

4:03 P.M.: Yup. Guilty on 16 of 24 counts. News conferences to ensue.


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