Pfleger Claptrap

One of my Beachwood readers points out the historic nature of the Pfleger Flap.

Pfleger, a longtime friend of Wright’s and Obama’s, could not be reached for comment.”


To pick up on what a Division Street commenter points out, I wonder if there is video of Pfleger excoriating Children’s Museum opponents from the pulpit; he’s already called their position “morally indefensible” and stood by Mayor Daley’s ridiculous assertions of racism.


What’s unfortunate is that I happen to think Pfleger has nothing but the best of intentions. But zealousness and a trigger-happy mouth that overwhelm facts and reasoned discourse are not virtues no matter what the cause; they are the exact traits decried in others who also think their causes are righteous. True leaders maintain minds open to honest inquiry and evaluation with an allegiance to truth, rather than allowing themselves to be absorbed into insular environments and their choir books.


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