Pfleger Flap

As Lynn Sweet reports, Barack Obama has another preacher problem.


8 responses to “Pfleger Flap

  1. Where is the IRS to investigate Fr. Phleger and Wright using their church a non for profit? for politics.

  2. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    Pfleger isn’t sorry about anything he’s ever said or done in his life. Plus he gives off a very creepy vibe, I get the feeling that he thinks he’s the Great White Savior of black people.
    His local TV news appearances are staged for maximum effect, but if you think about it, he’s really treating the black community as children
    that can’t manage their own affairs.
    Notice that you rarely see any major black leaders at his TV events, just his parishioners.
    He’s a clown, but a scary & dangerous clown that has committed numerous petty crimes against his enemy list – liquor stores & gun shops mostly. He breaks into them, assaults the owners & amazingly is rarely prosecuted.

  3. Looks like the Chicago Childrens’ Museum has a preacher problem too.

  4. I don’t get it. I don’t think most Obama supporters feel Hillary thought she was entitled to the nomination because she is white, not does she feel it is being “taken” from her by a black man. She felt entitled because she had a ton of money, a solid organization, experience, name recognition, and a lot of Democrat backing. Obama all but came out of nowhere. Why does he feel compelled to make it a racial issue? Plus, Hillary’s tears were real and genuine. Obama should learn form all the heat she has taken, or he may have some tears himself.

  5. J.J. Tindall

    He knew exactly what he was doing. I’m just wondering to what purpose…

  6. Huh? How is this Obama’s problem? I mean, was he there at the time? Did he also attend St. Sabina services on a regular basis? The guy has seperated himself from Trinty and repudiated PFleger’s remarks. The end. Case closed.

    Oh, and Nicholas, in case you missed it, this was PFLEGER talking, not Obama. He has nothing to “learn” in this regard.

  7. Quite right. Anyone who listened to Pfleger there should watch the Hillary video. Tell me she is no sincere.

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