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Children’s Museum officials finally found that misplaced list of other sites they considered for its new home before settling on Grant Park.

It was in a desk over at Jones Lang LaSalle, and it included some 36 alternate locales, all of which were rejected – according to a letter museum CEO Jennifer Farrington sent to the Chicago Plan Commission – because they didn’t meet the “core criteria” of a central downtown location, easy access to public transportation, access to green space, adjacent covered parking, and being in Grant Park.


“Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) said he believes the list was recently ‘manufactured’ and argued museum executives repeatedly have stated they considered only Grant Park,” the Tribune reports.

“Reilly noted that Children’s Museum vice president Jim Law, Daley’s former special events director, has spent the last year insisting that Grant Park was the ‘only location considered,'” the Sun-Times reports.

Back in the Tribune, Farrington “declined to explain why the museum rejected the the 36 other sites, stating she couldn’t ‘speak specifically to each site’ because she is not a ‘real estate development expert.'”

Also, her public relations consultants couldn’t come up with 36 good excuses.

“Farrington has stated before that sites such as Northerly Island and Pritzker Park on State Street, both of which are on the list, were passed over because they did not have easy access to public transportation and adjacent covered parking. Expanding at Navy Pier was ruled out after review because it ‘was not possible,’ she said.”

She didn’t mention that none of the other sites are illegal like the Grant Park site, presumably because she’s not a legal expert.


One response to “List Gist

  1. Pritzker Park isn’t close to public transportation? Well, I guess if you don’t consider the CTA public transportation, since it’s close to all El lines, and at least 20 bus lines. And the “adjacent covered parking” ? I seem to remember a few parking garages downtown. what a load of crap. If they’re going to lie, they can at least come up with something better than that …

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