Bucky Bites Back

“At the risk of touching off a border war with the cheeseheads to the north, Mayor Daley today branded Wisconsin a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to protecting Lake Michigan,” the Sun-Times reports.

“Daley ridiculed Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle for belatedly signing on to the Great Lakes Compact, a multi-state agreement designed to restrict access to a Great Lakes system that provides nearly 20 percent of the world’s supply of fresh water.

“‘Oh, finally. Thank God they realize where the Great Lakes is. Wisconsin has never supported the Great Lakes movement. They wanted to do a lot of things’ detrimental to Lake Michigan, the mayor said.”

Let’s check in with our neighbors to the north to get the other side of the story.

* “This from the jackass whose city is DRAINING the Great Lakes?” (dad29 on Boots & Sabers)

* Doyle’s spokesman, Lee Sensenbrenner, responds: “Maybe Mayor Daley is a little off because he just had so many constituents escape Chicago for a beautiful weekend in Wisconsin. The truth is that Gov. Doyle has long been a leading supporter of the Great Lakes. He is the chairman of the Council of Great Lakes Governors, and has been a leader on the compact from the outset.”

* “State lawmakers are proud of the agreement they reached to ratify the compact protecting Great Lakes water from raids by dry regions. Gov. Jim Doyle signed the legislation Tuesday amid fanfare on the Lake Michigan shore,” The Capital Times reports. “But key negotiators haven’t said much about the compromises that got the job done.

“What did the lakes, and the people of Wisconsin, gain or lose? And is the result strong or weak protection of water resources in this part of the Great Lakes basin?”

* As The Business Journal of Milwaukee reports, “Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania must still pass the compact and then the U.S. Congress has to ratify it.”

So, as usual, the issue is a bit more complicated than Daley acknowledges. Or maybe those states aren’t thinking of the children as much as he is.


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