Ronen Keeps It Rollin’

Carol Ronen, you are today’s Worst Person In Chicago.

Ronen, a former North Side state senator, spent eight weeks working for the governor and will now receive an additional $37,995 a year for the rest of her life in addition to the $75,301 annual pension she was already in line for. (Free of state taxes, natch.)

“My entire public career has been devoted to public service, part of the time in the Legislature and part of the time in the executive branches of state and city governments,” Ronen told the Sun-Times. My pension is based on all those years of service. It’s not a scam.”

Memo to Ronen: We all deserve a nice pension for our years of service, but few of us get one. Yours comes from our pockets. And, hello, the state pension system itself is a scam. And now you’re part of it.

“Blagojevich spokeswoman Abby Ottenhoff declined to offer time sheets or work product for Ronen.”

Her work was on display recently, though, on Chicago Tonight when she gave a spirited but nonsensical defense of Blagojevich (see “Talk of Impeachment”). Well-earned!

Ronen, by the way, is an Obama superdelegate. She believes in change she can put in her pocket.

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