Blago’s World

“Auditor General William Holland found about one third of state panels do not have the legally required number of appointees,” the Tribune reports.

That’s because Tony Rezko has been too busy lately to make them.


Among those attending a Rush Street fundraiser for the governor Wednesday night: Illinois State Toll Highway Authority Chairman John Mitola and Blago adviser-turned-lobbyist John Wyma.

“In an interview, Mitola refused to acknowledge that Wyma was at the event,” the Tribune reports.

Which just goes to show you the governor’s people are already setting up their ignorance defenses for the trial.


After a “gregarious” Illinois Supreme Court dinner the governor invited folks over to the mansion for a nightcap, Sneed reports.

He had to, he lost his directions for getting there.


One response to “Blago’s World

  1. If it were not for Mitola we would not have open road tolling as well as the expansion of the tollway’

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