The [Thursday] Papers

The usual suspects doing the usual things.

1. Can’t Dick Mell just rewrite the law for Drew Peterson?

2. Another great lesson for the kids out there. Will the new Children’s Museum have an Astroturfing exhibit?

(More here . . . read the comments.)

3. “State Senate President Emil Jones declined repeated requests from the Chicago Sun-Times for comment on how he has spent money from interest-free loans.”

Barack Obama said he could not disown Emil Jones any more than he could disown Todd Stroger.

And 17 more witty observations!


2 responses to “The [Thursday] Papers

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    I have told everyone I talk to, that the CTA is the #1 why Chicago won’t get the Olympics.

    And it’s the only reason I would want Chicago to get the Olympics, because it would force a total reconstruction of the CTA & its wretched service.

    Because, if we get the Olympics, much of the South Side will be locked down for a month.

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