Daley Recommended Irony

“Mayor Daley said today he asked a City Council committee to put off until June 5 a showdown vote on his plan to build a $100 million Children’s Museum in Grant Park because too many aldermen were out of town, and he wanted to give every one of them a chance to be heard,” the Sun-Times reports.

1. Except Joe Moore. Daley has already turned his microphone off.

2. The previous statement by Daley flak Jackie Heard that the delay was “not a request on our part” is now inoperative.

2. Daley says it’s “not my way” to “ram” something through committee. He’s right. He just sends the bulldozers out instead.

3. “[Ald. Bill] Banks insisted that aldermanic prerogative does not apply on an issue that involves a showcase park on Chicago’s front doorstep.” But mayoral prerogative does.

4. “Banks said he simply wants to have a majority of the 14 committee members present for the vote.” That didn’t stop the zoning committee from moving forward on other items of business, including a controversial senior housing proposal in the 50th Ward. (see third item)

5. This also puts in dispute the contention made by aldermen in this week’s Beachwood Reporter/Chicago Talks investigation that only “routine” matters are moved by committees without quorums.

6. “I testified at zoning and started off asking to read back the transcript from agenda item roman numeral I ROLL CALL,” Hugh Devlin writes us. “I was told I was out of order. They passed a zoning change around the corner from my home on the strength of five votes. I tried to read into the record the names of all the aldermen in sight and [Ald. Gene] Schulter talked over me, not sure if I got it into the transcript.

“There was no quorum. Schulter claimed there were ‘more Aldermen in the back’; virtual aldermen, I guess.

“To add insult to injury, the Children’s Museum got deferred over concerns re: lack of quorum, thinning the crowd, but a little ole zoning change around the corner of my home flew through, so I’m really feeling like a second-class citizen today.”

7. That’s because, like the rest of us, you are.


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