Gun Lobby

So it turns out that Ald. Dick Mell (33rd) is a gun enthusiast who reportedly owns a small arsenal of shotguns, rifles and pistols.

And it turns out that Mell “forgot” to re-register his weapons last year as required annually according to a city ordinance he once helped pass.

So what is Mell doing to correct his mistake? He’s rewriting the law to give himself amnesty.

“Mell said he first realized he was in violation of the re-registration requirement about a year ago,” the S-T reports. “When he tried to re-register his guns belatedly, the Chicago Police Department’s Gun Registration Section refused to bend the rules. Mell appealed that ruling to the city’s Department of Administrative Hearings but decided to re-write the law instead. ‘When we looked at the law, we saw the possibility of winning [the appeal] wasn’t gonna happen,’ he said.”

If only Mell was caught smoking pot and setting off fireworks.


2 responses to “Gun Lobby

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    Anyone out there foolish enough to take me up on this bet: That when they have rewritten the gun registration law, it won’t be necessary for anyone considered a peace officer [the correct legal term] to reregister as long as they are peace officers.

    Important note: Aldermen are considered peace officers by the State of Illinois. They get actual badges to carry!

    Of course this whole thing may just go away when the Supreme Court finally hands down the ruling on Washington, DC’s law banning all handgun ownership.

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