Out of Order, Off the Record

An investigation by Chicago Talks and published jointly with The Beachwood Reporter shows that the Chicago City Council’s committees frequently meet without quoroms and conduct business anyway, a clear evasion of the law that could make the full council’s actions subject to legal challenge.

Similarly, our investigation found that Chicago City Council committees frequently fail to keep minutes of their meetings – and sometimes even basic information such as which members were actually in attendance.

Please give it a look-see – and see what our fair aldermen have to say for themselves.


One response to “Out of Order, Off the Record

  1. Just think if someone challenges Chicago ordinances they can you go up in front of an Alderman Ed Burke slated judge.If need be, the appeal can go up in front of the Illinois Supreme Court where Justice Anne Burke is sure to be impartial.To defend the city(because Ed Burke might say the Corporation Counsel doesn’t have expertise in this matter)Alderman Burke will choose some law firm to defend the city in front of the Burke slated judge.We are beginning to think Division Street is trying to put money in Ed Burke’s pocket.

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