The [Tuesday] Papers

“[S]ources said Zell has rejected the state’s proposed terms because it relies on a novel and untested financing plan: the sale of individual seats at Wrigley as if they were condominiums.”

Which would make Cubs fans feel right at home.

* “The [Chicago City] Council’s Human Relations Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing today on a resolution ‘opposing any U.S. attack on Iran,'” Steve Huntley writes this morning. “The full Council could vote on it on Wednesday. The results are a foregone conclusion. Today’s hearing features among its witnesses the anti-war figure Scott Ritter and John Mearsheimer, a University of Chicago professor known for seeing ‘Israel lobby’ machinations behind U.S. foreign policy.”

So that’s why the city council doesn’t have time to hold hearings on the various scandals emanating from City Hall; it’s too busy overseeing America’s foreign policy!

* And unspinning Sneed on Puerto Rico.

All in The [Tuesday] Papers at The Beachwood Reporter.


2 responses to “The [Tuesday] Papers

  1. J.J. Tindall

    Fellas: let’s get real about Wrigley Dadgum Field. First: Wrigley Field is as coporate-sponsored a name as U.S. Freakin’ Cellular Field. Hip to WRIGLEY’S GUM?! B.: it’s going to be sold as a package with the team, because Sam Zell will get a better deal that way. Period. And the gosh-darn STATE cannot afford another stadium. Period. The idea of that is simply offensive. I could dig some capital to fix the roads and CTA first. $400 million would go a long way…

    And the park needs significant renovation and repair before somebody gets killed by falling concrete. We FESTISHIZE the ballpark rather than the art of winning. People go there more to DRINK HARD than to watch baseball, non? Mais: oui.

    Don’t worry: it’ll end up as something like Boeing’s Wrigley Field or, better yet, Mars’ Candies Wrigley Field (woo-hoo!). As a life-long Cub fan, I”m way more concerned about whether or not they WIN rather than whether or not their stadium is hip.

    This kind of thing.

  2. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    Let’s get a few facts about Wrigley Field correct!
    1. Only the lower deck structural steel is original to 1914. None of it can be seen on TV or from any seats. It can only be seen from under the lower deck or from Addison or Clark.
    2. The upper deck & roof were added in 1923.
    3. The bleachers were built in 1932 [by Bill Veeck’s Father, the Cubs president then].
    4. All of the concrete of the upper & lower decks was removed & replaced in the early 1960s.
    Only the main structural members & the roof remained untouched at that time.

    So most of Wrigley Field is about the same age as Dodger Stadium in LA, but Dodger Stadium doesn’t have to suffer a 120 degree temperature change, -20 to 100+.

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