Friends of Stroger

The Sun-Times reported in a brief last week that Todd Stroger is holding a $125-a-person fundraiser this Thursday at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. I’m going to totally steal the list of names on Stroger’s fundraising committee from the S-T’s fine Cook County reporter, Steve Patterson, so we can start pointing fingers for Stroger’s coming re-election campaign and possible victory. The comments are mine.

* Former county assessor Tom Hynes. Still making up for running against Harold Washington; will also look for payback when his son, Tom, runs for whatever he runs for next.

* Investment banker John Rogers. Also a big Obama benefactor.

* Emil Jones, natch.

* Michael Madigan. Will call in favors when Lisa runs for governor

* Alds. Carrie Austin, Bill Banks, Anthony Beale, Howard Brookins, Walter Burnett, Willie Cochran, Toni Foulkes, Leslie Hairston, Michelle Harris, Lona Lane, Freddrenna Lyle, Toni Preckwinkle, Gene Schulter, Latasha Thomas, and JoAnn Thompson. Every one of them should be punished at the ballot box for putting personal loyalties and myopic political calculation above the public interest.

* Donne Trotter. Ditto for the bow-tied state senator.

* Gene Moore. The Cook County Recorder of Deeds who just won re-election in a surprising landslide. Ahem.

* Joseph Berrios. The Cook County Democratic Party Chairman. Kind of like the secretary-general of the Soviet Central Committee.

* State Reps. Marlow Colvin and Karen Yarbrough. I don’t know anything about these two except that they are guilty by association.

* Mayors Dwight Welch (Country Club Hills), Robert Donaldson (Hazel Crest), and David Webb (Markham). Yes, the Dwight Welch.

* Roland Burris. The former comptroller, attorney general and gubernatorial wannabe who now, of course, consults.

* Bill Filan. Among other insidery doings, the chairman of the well-compensated Cook County Employee Appeals Board that Rita Rezko ostensibly sits on.

* Greg Goldner. The founder of Resolute Consulting with “a passion for strategy and tactics.” A Daley-Emanuel-Blago guy.

* Manny Hoffman. The former chairman of the Cook County Republican Party butters his bread on both sides. Well, just the side that matters.


5 responses to “Friends of Stroger

  1. Cory Kates

    It is VERY surprising to see Gene Schulter as a sponsor for Todd Stroger. Does this mean he supports the tax increases, scandal, and mismangement?

  2. Symore Butts

    Do you sleep with Steve Patterson?

  3. Todd Stroger has to go! As far as I am concerned anybody who supports Stroger is just as corrupt as he is. The economy is in the dumps and what does Stroger do? He raises taxes and gives his cousin a huge pay raise. It is time to throw the bums out!

  4. Avril Potemta

    Alderman Gene Schulter! You have got to be kidding me, what are you thinking? How much did you get for selling out your constituents?

  5. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    The county Republicans are worse off now than ever before.
    I thought they were a joke when Jane Byrne paid off John Hoellen’s campaign debt, but having the former county GOP chairman show up at a fundraising dinner for the absolute worst hack the Democratic Party has ever seen is without a doubt, the lowest of the low.
    The Cook County Republicans should all just move to De Kalb County & be done with it. The GOP is soon going to lose its total control of DuPage County, that’s how screwed up they are.
    We live in America’s only one party city, county & state.

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