Our little corner of the world is a less joyous place today than when the weekend started. The Spindle is dead.

* “Grassroots activism lost to corporate America [Friday] night when the 50-foot Berwyn ‘Spindle,’ an eight-car kabob, was dismantled under cover of darkness. Cermak Plaza’s pop icon was taken down with a crane to make room for a proposed Walgreens.”

* “Artist Says He Was ‘Heartbroken’ To Learn of Demolition.”

* All that’s left is the base.

* The Spindle by Flickr.

* State senate resolution to save the Spindle.

* I wonder if the pending pay raise for state officeholders would have been enough to save the Spindle. Somebody do the math.

* Isn’t this the sort of thing that earmarks were designed for?


2 responses to “De-Spindled

  1. You know, I just didn’t like the Spindel.

  2. I really like the Spindle, this is a real shame.

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