Obama’s Associates

* Should Barack Obama’s association with Bill Ayers reflect poorly on him? That’s something I’ve been trying to puzzle out ever since Obama was asked about it in the Pennsylvania debate. At first I dismissed the question as hogwash. Bill Ayers? Please. I’d much rather have had that question be about Tony Rezko – who also bothers me about a thousand times more than Jeremiah Wright.

But this piece by Tribune news researcher Brenda Kilianski in the Sunday Trib is challenging and persuasive – to us all.

* At the same time, I’m far more outraged at the lack of attention given to Obama’s far closer relationship with his self-described political mentor, State Senate President Emil Jones, a real hack’s hack who is a walking piece of one-man gridlock and antithetical to everything Obama says he stands for.

The Tribune editorial page has now embarked on a campaign against what it calls The Rod Blagojevich Protection Society, Emil Jones Chapter. It’s beyond me why Obama isn’t asked more about the crucial relationships with the hopeless and change-averse Machine that propelled his rise.


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