The Tree Trimmer

When federal monitor Noelle Brennan announced recently that she had finished divvying up the $12 million set aside for victims of City Hall’s hiring fraud, one unknown person stood atop the list as the lone winner of $100,000. His identity, however, was not revealed.

Now the mystery has been solved: The biggest victim of the Daley Administration’s hiring shenanigans is Richard Gramarossa, described today by the Tribune as “a 27-year employee [who] was passed over 13 times for promotions in favor of less experienced, politically connected co-workers. When he complained, he was punished with bad assignments, such as picking bugs out of infested trees in the bitter cold.”

The Trib has the full list of names and awards here.


One response to “The Tree Trimmer

  1. Thats great to hear justice was served! Poor guy…. Richard M. Daley is a monster; nothing like he’s father. Hahaha talk about laughing all the way to the bank! Daley has privatizing all the city jobs at O’Hare Intl Airport. Now that Daley has washed his hand in “dealing with those people” at O’Hare and Midways, he has left the suburban sub-contractors along with a few couple of Chicago contractors (who in fact are based from other states) to swindle the employees out of their health coverage by the on-going process of firing and hiring hard working people to bank off their vulnerable health, which the contractors are responsible of paying 100% of their health benefits.

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