The Elympics

“The loud thump heard in Chicago last week was the sound of CTA President Ron Huberman falling out of bed as his honeymoon with transit riders came to an abrupt end,” Crain’s writes in an editorial today.

Crain’s goes on to describe Huberman’s initial blame-passengers-first response as a “Lee Elia moment.”

“Until Tuesday’s meltdown on the Blue Line, passengers had been giving Mr. Huberman the benefit of the doubt, hoping he had the right stuff to fix the CTA’s deplorable service. But that goodwill evaporated in the heat of downtown subway tunnels, where hundreds of riders were trapped for hours while thousands more stood on train platforms along the Blue Line waiting for trains that never came.”

And that was before this news: On Sunday night, a Red Line trained derailed at Howard.

“[H]undreds of passengers were forced to get off the train and walk back along the tracks to the platform,” NBC5 reports.

Maybe the CTA ought to start handing out these T-shirts to aggrieved riders.


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