Public Enemies

Among today’s developments on the Children’s Museum front:

* The Tribune editorial page today publishes a list of museum officials it holds responsible for the proposal to build in Grant Park, including the museum’s officers (Peter England and Jennifer Farrington), Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and Past Chairman’s Council. Sixty-five names in all. Take a look and drop them a note!

* A full-page ad in the Sun-Times today lists members of the recently manufactured All Chicago Children’s Museum Committee. Eighty-four names in all. I’m sure the mayor is keeping a list.

I couldn’t find the list of names on the museum’s website to link to for you, but maybe their names will appear as sponsors of the museum’s new Astroturf exhibit.

* Division Street had the scoop! And today the Trib has “Grant Park Museum Foes Hit Liquor Request,” in which museum official Jim Law says that the language in their development application allowing for future restaurants and liquor sales on the site is “just standard.”

I’m sure he won’t mind taking it out then.


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