What Joe Knows

Onetime Democratic fundraising star Joe Cari is expected to testify in the Tony Rezko trial this afternoon in what should prove to be another big news day coming out of the federal courthouse.

Cari, whose role in the saga I wrote about for Chicago magazine here, is likely to deliver a blow to the governor by testifying that he was offered political favors in exchange for campaign contributions. Kitchen cabinet member Chris Kelly will probably come out the worse for wear as well, as Cari testifies to meetings he had with Kelly that were allegedly less than savory. Former New York gubernatorial candidate Carl McCall will likely be unpleasantly referenced, and former Democratic National Committee chairman David Wilhelm may turn out to have been Cari’s bridge to the Blagojevich administration; Cari supported Republican Jim Ryan in 2002 because of a friendship that developed out of experiences they each had with cancer striking loved ones.

Prior to Cari’s testimony, Judge Amy St. Eve is expected to consider a motion brought by defense lawyers to allow questioning Cari about his use of antidepressants, as well as two suicide attempts, including one just days before he agreed to his plea bargain with the feds.


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