Obama’s Auchie Owie

New York Times: “A government witness testified on Monday at the trial of the Chicago businessman Antoin Rezko that Senator Barack Obama attended a party in 2004 that Mr. Rezko held to court a controversial Iraqi-born investor for a large real estate project.”

Chicago Tribune: “Just weeks after winning the Democratic U.S. Senate primary in 2004, Barack Obama was the guest of developer Antoin “Tony” Rezko at a party for a controversial British billionaire whom Rezko was trying to lure into an investment, a witness testified Monday at Rezko’s corruption trial.”

Sun-Times: “Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was again drawn into Tony Rezko’s corruption trial on Monday, when the prosecution’s star witness placed Obama at a party for an Iraqi-born billionaire who was later barred entry to the United States.”

Associated Press: “A mysterious billionaire with his hands on a major chunk of Chicago real estate and at least passing familiarity with some of Illinois’ top politicians has surfaced in the federal fraud trial of political fundraiser Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko.”

Beachwood Reporter: “Contrary to Obama’s persistent claims, he indeed did favors for Tony Rezko.”


One response to “Obama’s Auchie Owie

  1. Kenny from Ct.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This needs to get out nationwide and not buried on page 16 or before a sportscast . Please do more then my word of mouth effort.

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