Blog Fog

I don’t want to give anyone any ideas, but the former assistant commissioner of the city’s aviation department has filed a defamation lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court based on comments posted on the Chicago Reader’s Clout City blog.

And the target of the suit isn’t just the Reader – or primarly the Reader, really – but local political thorn Frank Coconate, a critic of the Daley administration who recently won $75,000 from Shakman monitor Noelle Brennan.

James Sachay alleges in court papers that Coconate posted blog comments under Sachay’s name, including one that said: “I am voting for Frank Coconate. I am sorry I challenged his petitions under false pretenses. I am sorry I stole money from Roman Pucinski. I am sorry I got illegal contracts for my son and acted criminally at O’Hare.”

At the time, Coconate was running against Ralph Capparelli for 41st Ward committeeman; Sachay worked for Capparelli. (Both lost to caterer Mary O’Connor, president of the Edison Park Chamber of Commerce)

In his lawsuit, Sachay denies the post was his; so does Coconate, who told me this morning that he uses his real name on “99.9 percent of my posts.”

Coconate also has his own site where he is currently portraying Sachay and Capparelli as crybabies.

The suit asks for $200,000 from both Coconate and the Reader.


2 responses to “Blog Fog

  1. So will I get sued if I say “He sucks?”

  2. divisionstreet

    I’d say that’s fair comment.

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