Name Game Shame

The governor can’t even play the name game right.

“A highly touted initiative Gov. Blagojevich’s office once said could rake in $300 million for the state through corporate sponsorships and naming-rights deals met a quiet death in February after netting the state a paltry $315,000,” the Sun-Times reports.

The contract for the deal went to a Maryland-based company – Team Services – co-founded by a college friend of the governor’s former chief of staff, Lon Monk. In four years, Team Services produced $1.13 million in naming rights deals and sponsorships. It charged the state $820,000; thus the $315,000 showing.

Q. How in the world could anyone believe that state naming rights deals and sponsorships could generate $300 million in the first place? Naming rights to the Capitol? Advertising on driver’s licenses?


One response to “Name Game Shame

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