Daley Diatribe

Mayor Daley went off on one of his typical tirades against the press over the weekend, this time over editorials against the proposal to move the Children’s Museum into Grant Park.

“They’re advising me what to do with the city and they’re going right in the tank,” he said of the Tribune. “I love that. The Sun-Times is there, too. This is unbelievable. They’re giving us advice constantly on how to run the city, [while] their stock is going down.”

Maybe the fortunes of newspapers would be different if they employed illegal patronage armies. And it’s true that the Sun-Times’s inability to manage itself doesn’t give its advice a lot of credibility, but when is the last time it was in federal court . . . er, scratch that.

“[The Tribune is] selling Wrigley [naming] rights. They want to develop the whole area, tear Wrigley Field down and build high-rises.”

Huh? Did I miss that proposal?

“I wish the Tribune gave $10 million,” Daley said, noting Allstate is donating $15 million to the new museum. “I mean, they’ve got their name down at the ice rink. That’s alright. McCormick. Give me a break.”

Point for Daley, although last I heard the Tribune editorial page doesn’t run the McCormick Tribune Foundation.

But does the mayor believe the newspapers shouldn’t run editorials until they get their stock up?


5 responses to “Daley Diatribe

  1. J.J. Tindall

    While we have time, let us SAVOR the single, most hilarious press conference subject of all time, the Honorable Richard Milhouse Daley. I mean, come on! This stuff is RICH, pun absolutely intended. But the thing is, he’s gonna get this damn children’s museum at Grant Park, just like he got Meigs and Soldier Field. I’m toying with nick-naming him Saddam Daley, wait, Richard Hussein, wait…

  2. Steve, I think the development Hizzoner mentioned in his raving, ad hominum rant, is the proposal to build a huge hotel on the SE corner of Clark and Addison, a project that would go from Clark to the 7-11 on Sheffield and be about a third of a block wide. It would put some 200 hotel rooms right across from Wrigley. Don’t think Cubs owners are behind it, but they sure wouldn’t oppose it.

  3. J.J. Tindall

    WAIT!: Il Duce! NAILED IT! Preening, emotional, demonstrative. Perfect for our 21st century City-State!

    Hizzoner’ll get his way, folks. Watch…

  4. I wonder why Daley is laying it on so thick– even for him. What is Daley’s take if the museum ends up in Grant Park? There has got to be much more money involved in this than is reported. Who is going to benefit the most?

  5. David Markland

    Naming rights on all sorts of city services, buildings, and other property being seriously considered in Los Angeles:


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