Your Machine At Work

Let’s catch up with the myriad ways your elected officials are serving you.

* “Ethics Held Hostage, Day 351,” in which the Tribune editorial page wonders if the Illinois Senate is the place where government for the people goes to die.

* “Monitor Tells Of Patronage Claims,” wherein we learn that Todd Stroger claims patronage does not exist in Cook County government.

* “District Signs Off On Museum In Park,” which describes how the Park District is a co-applicant – rather than a guardian – in the Children’s Museum’s proposed move to Grant Park.

In other words, you, dear citizen, are incidental to the workings of the Machine.


2 responses to “Your Machine At Work

  1. We have brought this upon ourselves. I love reading this and used to think “Man, how can we let them get away with this?” But, we did, we do. We keep voting (or not voting). It is our own fault. We did this. We deserve this unless we decide to do something about it. Thanks to Division Street for pointing this out. But shame on us.

  2. It’s not too late to change, Nicholas. We can still use the power of the vote the right way.

    In the 42nd Ward, which includes the part of Grant Park where the Chicago Children’s Museum feels they absolutely must build their new edifice, hundreds of constituents went to Alderman Burt Natarus two years ago to oppose the move. He vowed that it would not happen, but a few months later, Mayor Daley announced that the new location would be (drum roll please)… the other end of the block. In the next aldermanic election, that long-time incumbent was voted out of office. Now we have an alderman who is busting his buns to protect Grant Park.

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