Who Is Milan Petrovic?

Well, according to the Sun-Times today (second item), he’s the governor’s top fundraiser. Over the years, the paper says, Petrovic has raised more than $1.9 million for the big man – about $500,000 more than the embattled Tony Rezko. Let’s take a closer look, with the help of our good friend Google:

* “Milan Petrovic is the founder and President of Advanced Practical Solutions located in downtown Chicago, Illinois. He is the voice and face for his clients in Springfield, Chicago and in multiple states. Milan has a unique understanding of his clients’ needs. He is intimately involved with every one of the firm’s clients to ensure that the clients needs receive the constant and immediate attention they require to get their message heard.

“Milan has many years of experience building and guiding top tier companies with government relations strategies. An accomplished political strategist, his vision and expertise in business performance, public relations, government and politics have driven notable results for multiple clients in the private sector such as Motorola, Illinois Hospital Association, Trump Casino and Scientific Games, municipalities such as Village of Lake Barrington and the Village of Gilberts as well as nonprofits such as Harper College.”

* His name came up at the Rezko trial here:

“By the time Blagojevich came to power in 2003, lobbying the hospital board had grown into a fertile business. Many politically connected heavyweights had latched onto clients seeking permits for new facilities or, in some cases, seeking to block competitors from getting their projects approved.

“There was Ladd, the former Metra chairman and Republican candidate for attorney general. But the field was also saturated with lobbyists from Blagojevich’s orbit.

“David Wilhelm, the former Democratic National Committee chairman and a top adviser to the new governor, snagged a client. So did David Stricklin and John Wyma, aides to Blagojevich when he served in Congress, and Milan Petrovic, another friend and fundraiser of the governor.”

* And the inevitable:

“Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s main re-election platform made the spotlight again when the Sun-Times reported the state’s new All Kids health insurance program awarded a major contract to McKesson Health Solutions. The company is reportedly represented by a Chicago lobbying firm, Advanced Practical Solutions, led by Blagojevich’s top political fund-raiser, Milan Petrovic.”


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