Free Wille!

Lois Wille’s Forever Open, Clear, and Free is considered such the definitive document on protecting the lakefront that Brendan Reilly bought 50 copies and gave them to his fellow aldermen when the Children’s Museum first proposed moving to a new building in Grant Park.

Wille’s support of the museum, then, is so seemingly incongruous that she was asked at a press conference on Monday if she had sold out.

“Sold out?” she responded. “I feel like I can lend my voice to adding something . . . I have never thought that the lakefront . . . should be absolutely pristine . . .

“No, I don’t think I’ve sold out. I’ve supported a lot of things . . . I hate the new Soldier Field, if that helps. I also hated Meigs Field when it was there, and I hated the original McCormick Place. If you want to talk about selling out the lakefront, that building should come down.”

[– as seen on Chicago Tonight]


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