The Politics of Children

ccm.jpegThe blogosphere reacts to the Children’s Museum fiasco.

* “10 More Things Brendan Reilly Should Stick In A Cave.”

* “Mayor Daley Loves Children – To Hide Behind.”

* “Any Chicago aldermen who vote to move the Chicago Children’s Museum better think about their own wards: are they sure Daley isn’t going to suddenly insist upon locating a mound of burning tires in their district?”

* “A lot of our political leaders have been busy playing cards. Earlier this week Mayor Daley played the Evil Unions Card, so you had to know it was only a matter of time before he returned to his old favorite: the Race Card.”


2 responses to “The Politics of Children

  1. Yellow Dog Democrat

    Great Round-Up!

    I’d also add Uptown Update, which blasts Ald, Helen Shiller, one of Mayor Daley’s favorite sheeple:

    Shiller Sides with Daley in Museum Debate

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