Dunkin’s Donuts

dunkin.jpgState Rep. Kenneth Dunkin (D-Chicago) is sponsoring a bill that would fine people who talk on their cell phones while crossing the street.

Maybe give Ken a call on your cell as you’re walking down the street to let him know what you think of his idea: (312) 266-0340.


2 responses to “Dunkin’s Donuts

  1. Come on, give Kenneth a break.He’s obviously basing his decision on the smashing success of the ‘no cell phone calls while driving’ and the ‘no dogs barking for more than 15 minutes’ ordinances.I can’t remember the last time some idiot yuppie on a cell phone almost hit me with their car!Seriously, I can’t remember.I think it’s from lack of sleep.Next doors dog usually keeps me up all night.No, wait…….it was yesterday actually.

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