Olympic Obama

genocideolympics.jpgBarack Obama said this morning on CBS’s Early Show that he’s conflicted about U.S. participation in the Beijing Olympics, given that country’s human rights record and its role in Darfur.

But, Obama said, he’s “hesitant to make the Olympics a site of political protest.”

I think the Olympics are an excellent site for political protest. The whole world is watching. And the beauty of the Beijing Olympics is exactly that; the “Genocide Olympics” movement will do more to shine a light on political horrors that are far more important than athletic achievement than wishy-washy declarations from politicians.


One response to “Olympic Obama

  1. any protests by Americans at the olympics should start with condemnations of the US killing of up to one million Iraqis, thousands of Afghanis, thousands of American troops, depleted uranium all over the middle east, enviromental neglect on the rest of the world, etc., etc.

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