About Face

An embarrassed City Hall has put the kibosh on James Duff ever doing business with the city again.

That mistake left a gaping opportunity for career critics of this administration, as well as people with legitimate concerns, to criticize the mayor and question his judgment,” mayoral spokeswoman Jackie Heard told the Tribune.

Oh, the audacity.

“White Duff family members fraudulently obtained $100 million in janitorial contracts earmarked for minorities and women,” the Sun-Times reminds us this morning.

“Until the scandal broke, [Mayor] Daley had accepted campaign contributions and political foot soldiers provided by the Duff family and attended their Christmas parties.”

Unbelievably, the new procurement officer who made the blunder told the S-T that he never read the case file and that “I didn’t know the Duffs from the Diffs.”

Curiously, after the scandal broke, the mayor said the same thing.


One response to “About Face

  1. Whats the big deal ? The Duffs did the work they got payed to do. Mayor Daley should stand up for his friends. Instead he throws everyone under the bus! I beleive he made a deal with US Attorney Pat Fitzgerald to give up people so he can stay as Mayor.

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