Duff Light

Mayor Richard M. Daley’s occasional commitments to cracking down on corruption in his administration always ring hollow to anyone paying close attention, but the brazenness with which his administration behaves continues to amaze.

Today’s outrage comes courtesy of a Tribune exclusive that James Duff and his Windy City Maintenance, key players at the center of one of Daley’s signature scandals, will be allowed to conduct business with the city again in just three years. The city’s inspector general, whom Daley has undermined at every step, sought a lifetime ban.

“When someone is convicted of a massive racketeering, fraud and money laundering scheme involving city contracts, in which the city taxpayers are the victim,” Hoffman said, “the city should say to that person, ‘You have forfeited your opportunity to compete for city contracts.’ Period.”

Not in Daley’s Chicago, David, where “inspector general” means you are merely generally inspecting. Feel like you’re being played for a chump yet?


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