Rezko Trial: Fast Eddie

“The star witness at political fundraiser Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko’s fraud trial took the witness stand Tuesday and painted a panorama of bribery, heavy drug use, huge profits and blockbuster campaign contributions before FBI agents finally closed in on him,” NBC5 reports.

Um, wow. Not to glamorize the filth and rot, but that sounds so not like my life.

“In his first 45 minutes of testimony at Rezko’s corruption trial Tuesday, [star witness Stuart] Levine didn’t waste time rocking the political landscape,” the Sun-Times reports. “The former lawyer, business consultant and HMO magnate testified he once passed bribes to former powerhouse Ald. Edward ‘Fast Eddie’ Vrdolyak, to win government contracts for clients and at least one of his own companies.”

On behalf of his clients, Vrdolyak’s lawyer denied the charges.

“Levine also said he handed out bribes dating back to the 1980s to help his clients win contracts to supply tires to the city of Chicago Streets and Sanitation Department and school-bus services to the Chicago Board of Education. He did not say to whom he paid those bribes.”

So add tires and school buses to the list of everyday items and services – for kids! – corrupted by Chicago politics.


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