Wrigley Whispers

By some accounts, the deal to sell Wrigley Field to the state will arrive in Springfield DOA. But Jim Thompson – whose track record of late is a bit dodgy (audit committee chairman while the Sun-Times was being looted; and the defense of George Ryan) is pushing on with a new strategy: Keep the public out of it.

“It makes no sense to talk about it unless or until we have a deal,” Thompson told the Sun-Times. “It just keeps stirring it up again. It opens up the dialogue for people to criticize something that’s not a deal.”

In other words, once it’s a done deal, the taxpayers can complain all they want. Even as they’re writing the check.


One response to “Wrigley Whispers

  1. Unindicted Co-conspirator

    As someone pointed out a little while ago; This is the same Jim Thompson that was a member of the Hollinger executive committee that did absolutely nothing to prevent the rape of Hollinger by Black & Radler.
    So what will Big Jim bring to the table if Wrigley is bought by the state?
    Even more of the pinstripe patronage that characterized his corrupt beyond belief years at the helm of Illinois!
    I’ve often wondered, just what kind of antiques do you buy for Big Jim to buy Big Jim?

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